“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. “

Peter F. Drucker

Most website design firms take what the customer gives them and create a nice looking site. This typically involves several revisions of concept, design, and content. Typically, these sites do not attain the goals of the business owner and may not even return the investment put into them. At Innovate Dubuque, our process is more customer goal and return focused. We spend time up-front to understand how the money spent on a website can generate a substantial return for our clients. Specifically, we:

  • Learn the business model of the organization, with a focus on our clients’ customers and how to successfully market to them
  • Invest time with the business owner to understand their goals and design expectations
  • Collaborate with client to develop content for their site before we start on visual elements

Business owners come away with a great website and a customer mindset, which allows them to make much more informed decisions about how they spend their marketing dollars. It also allows them to know how to drive traffic to their site becasue they understand how it fits into an overall marketing plan and budget.

Contact us so we help you learn more about your business model and develop the website that best meets your marketing and financial goals. If you want to know more about our process you can visit our website FAQ page.