Innovation Implementation

“In the typical organizational structure, who’s in charge of grappling with uncertainty, unlocking unexpected and dramatic new forms of growth and impact, translating research insights into viable products, and harnessing the forces of disruption in the organization? Once the organization is large enough. usually nobody.”

Eric Ries’s – The Startup Way

Once a company has gotten started and been successful in its first product or service it often loses its ability to innovate and launch new products. In other cases, companies have not been able to do something sustainable due to struggles in finding a successful business model. Innovative Dubuque LLC helps customers both learn how to innovate and then implement this mindset throughout the organization with follow-up consulting. Typically innovation implementation comes down to two equally important parts:

  • Helping executives and managers know how to manage and prioritize innovative projects including how to allocate budget and allow time
  • Helping innovative teams stay focused so that they are achieving learning and doing so in a measurable way that can be easily communicated

Our services also help to:

  • Bridge the communication gaps within teams, between teams, and across levels of the company
  • Supplement any needed learning
  • Deliver an unbiased opinion to all ideas, issues, and processes
  • Utilize our “having seen it all before” to help work through the most difficult parts of the process

Contact us to learn how we can push the culture of innovation forward and help you to deliver the tangible results that make the investment worth the effort.