Innovation Education

” No business plan survives its first contact with customers.”

Steve Blank and Bob Dorf – The Startup Owner’s Manual

For organizations or companies that want to reach new markets, launch new products, and/or learn how to bring a culture of innovation to their people. Our innovation can be tailored to any group or situation. Our goal is to help people learn the mindset of innovation, which can be taught and more importantly to be able to utilize these new skills to create successful businesses.

In session 1 the three main items participants will learn are to:

  • Look for problems to solve (understand duration, intensity and frequency)
  • Develop a customer focus
  • Understand key points of a business model and document assumption

In session 2 the three main items participants will learn are to:

  • Dive deeper into assumptions and ranking importance
  • Cover customer interviewing
  • Learn how to write effective questions and conduct useful interviews

In session 3 the three main items participants will learn are to:

  • Learn the rest business model canvas
  • Talk about how to conduct effective experiments to learn quickly and iterate
  • Understand how to interpret learning and whether to pivot or persevere

As groups complete this intense course they can work through there ideas, since this is built to include many points to do work in session. Even after 3 sessions important skills will just be starting to be learned. May organizations choose to continue education at needed points further into the process. To be successful each participant and an organization must change its mindset to be willing to take calculated risks and celebrate learn, which may or may not be successful.

While some organizations are able to use these skills and make large changes, most need our help with follow-up innovation implementation. This is because different measurements are needed as for innovative projects the typical ROI and business plan measurements do not work. We can help at both the management level as executives and managers learn how to promote and reward innovation and at the project level where we innovation project leaders and participants with the issues they will face to get to success.

Contact us so those at your organization or group can learn the concepts and gain experience with how to innovate and test ideas and learn a customer focus.