“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”

Charles Darwin

Many business owners are so busy working in their business, that they don’t get much chance to work on their business. But as they go it is important that their work is translating into business value. Additionally, as business owners look to sell their businesses they want to realize the most value. Our increase business value session helps business owners by giving them an objective look at their own business and helping them to understand what elements could positively or negatively affect its value.

Our process is to:

  • Review your financial statements for the past several years
  • Compare to industry standards for businesses of comparable size and location and look for difference
  • Review findings with owner learning what is causing differences or issues
  • Create a plan to address biggest 2 to 3 issues

We have done this process before and helped experienced business owners make an extra $100,000 by making one change that took only a few hours to do. The independence and clarity of being outside the situation and having the knowledge to ask the right questions is why this is so valuable. Other times we find that business owners are doing things well. This provides value as well because they gain peace of mind.

Once we have addressed issues we look to growth plans for a business. We talk about how any growth would happen and what key assumptions are involved. We think about capital structure and making sure the right type of debt is used for the right need. We can help business create financial projections, business plans or slide decks, and to learn about the best ways to fund their business.

Contact us so we help you increase the value of your business. Know that our goal in this process is to help you understand your options and empower you to reach important goals for your business.