“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Thomas Edison

For anyone looking for help finding money they must first create realistic financial projections and a business plan or slide deck that communicates their vision of the business and assumptions that will make or break their model. Innovative Dubuque brings expertise to both of those services. Once the needed amount and types of money needed has been determined pulling together funding is the next step. This requires a great knowledge of how to fund each different type of money needed (land, building, assets, working capital, and so on). Our process is to utilize your financial projections to discuss:

  • What type of money will match you needs for each part of your plan
  • What terms and rates that money will come with
  • How you can best leverage your current capital and assets

We have worked with entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and capital needs including on projects where 5 funding sources were needed to raise over $6 million. Our experience helps the entrepreneur to run different scenarios so that they can understand what funding options mean to their business and future prospects. We educate as we inform and help the businesses get to the best possible decision, which is much easier to make when it is fully understood.

Contact us so we help you make the best funding decisions for your business and its future.