Business Plan Assistance

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

When a business needs to get debt or equity financing they need a plan. For debt financing having a business plan is crucial, as is having well thought out financial projections. When a business is going for equity financing it is essential to have a slide deck and if requested a business plan.

When writing business plans we have templates that can be used or we can assist clients with a template they wish to use. We help clients to , make sure key assumptions are clearly being identified, and

  • Communicate the vision for the business or expansion
  • Concisely communicate the most important business information
  • Convey key assumptions from the business model and financial statements

It is important to remember the goal of writing a business plan is to gain financing. We have helped hundreds of clients gain financing, including several very large multi-million dollar projects. We do this by understanding what lenders need to know and helping the entrepreneurs to communicate this information and leave out the fluff that can distract from the clarity needed for lenders and investing committees to be comfortable with loaning money.

Slide Deck Assistance

When an entrepreneur is looking to bring in angel investors or private equity dollars they need to have a clear, concise slide deck that communicates their

  • competitive advantage
  • vision for the business
  • resources they need to reach goals
  • timelines and key metrics

Most business owners struggle to know how to package their information so that investors can see what is needed to be comfortable making an investment. Utilizing the business model canvas and our investing knowledge we can help businesses pull together the information into a format that gives them the best chance of success for their investor pitch.

Contact us so we can help you to gain the help you need to put together your business plan or slide deck information so that you can gain funding.