“The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing.”

Seth Godin

Having worked with hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs I know that the question they are asking most often is some version of “How can I get more sales?” Experience has shown me that it is not as simple as what marketing medium you pick or what color you use on a brochure. Being successful at generating sales typically requires a chance to look deeper at your business model and to really learn about your customers and what they want. Therefore our process is to do the following:

  • Write down the assumptions driving your business on a business model canvas and talk about what you know and do not know about customers
  • Dive into the different parts of your sales funnel (get/keep/grow)
  • Setup a marketing tracking system so that you can with certainty know what works and what does not
  • Develop a series of tests to see what works and what does not work, then leveraging and learning from what does

Business owners come away from our process with a customer mindset, which allows them to make much more informed decisions about how they spend their marketing dollars. They often also change how and where they are spending these dollars (often times focusing more on keeping existing customers). Our process is not about marketing tricks, it is about truly knowing your business model and focusing on the benefits you bring customers.

Contact us so we help you learn more about your business model and bring in the sales you need to reach your business goals.